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Residential & Commercial Installation Services

At Firebird Exteriors we know choosing the right siding is more than just appearances. You want a siding that’s going to hold up to wear and tear for the long run with the minimum amount of maintenance. Of course, visual appeal is important too, especially when it comes to long-lasting beauty. 

Replacing your siding is a wonderful opportunity to boost your home’s curb appeal. You’ll have the chance to pick the exterior style, materials, and colors you want for your home.


Firebird Exteriors works with only the very best products in the industry to provide you with a positive experience and a siding you will be happy with for years to come. We specialize in a variety of products and services for Residential & Commercial properties, including the following:

Vinyl Siding.jpeg

Vinyl Siding

Low Maintenance 

Certain materials require a high level of maintenance. For example, cedar siding must be stripped and repainted on a regular basis to preserve the wood and avoid a shabby appearance. However, vinyl is essentially maintenance-free and provided it is kept clean, offers exceptional longevity without any special care. Aluminum Siding “chalks” and needs constant re-painting.

Eco Friendly 

Vinyl siding is also a great choice for those who are concerned about the environment. Among all exterior materials manufactured for homes, vinyl is the “greenest” choice available on today’s market. This is because it has a high sustainability factor, therefore, a great eco-friendly option.


Beauty & Versatility 

You will be pleased to discover the broad range of siding colors currently available and it is virtually guaranteed that your home will boast more curb appeal once it features a new, attractive exterior. Additionally, you can invest in various accessories and trims in a variety of colors, which will also enhance the beauty of your home.



Another benefit associated with investing in vinyl siding is the product’s durability. Vinyl siding is virtually indestructible and is resistant to fading, insects, and harsh weather.

LP Siding

Fewer Seams

One overlooked aspect of siding is the number of seams the final product has. While most siding products come in 12-foot lengths, LP SmartSide panels come in 16-foot lengths. These longer panel sections mean it takes fewer panels to cover the same area, and fewer panels means fewer seams.

When you reduce the number of siding seams on your home, that means there are fewer places where water can seep in under your siding, potentially damaging the internal structure of your home. It also means there are less places where wind can catch your siding and rip it away from your home.

Resists Rot And Insects

While LP SmartSide siding is a wood product, the way it’s created makes it virtually impervious to moisture and termites. Strands of wood are infused with zinc borate, which deters termites and inhibits fungal growth. Next, the strands are coated with high-grade wax and high-strength binders before being compressed into siding. This process makes LP SmartSide panels incredibly resistant to water, which is the leading cause of rot in siding.

Colors To Match Your Design Aesthetic

While there are 30 standard colors for you to choose from, which is enough for most homeowners to find a color that suits their taste, your color options don’t stop there. LP SmartSide also has a custom color option, so you can mix and choose the color that will work best for you, even if it’s not in their standard palette. They also offer their Premium Collection, which can give you the appearance of natural wood.


Unlike other sidings, LP SmartSide is made from wood, a renewable resource. The manufacturer is a proud participant in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), which invests in reforesting programs to ensure that wood products will continue to be a welcome, affordable, and sustainable option.

A Great Warranty

For more than 20 years, LP SmartSide hasn’t had a single warranty claim. But with their 5/50 warranty (100% coverage over the first five years, and a prorated rate for the next 50), the lack of claims is a testament to their quality. When a company is willing to back up its product with such a generous warranty, it’s a good sign that they believe in their product.


Beautiful Appearance

James Hardie offers dozens of versatile colors and styles that mimic the look of wood, brick, or stone to provide the ideal look for your home. HardiePlank® lap siding, James Hardie’s most popular siding option, is available in six styles: Select Cedarmill©, Beaded Cedarmill©, Smooth, Beaded Smooth, Colonial Roughsawn®, and Colonial Smooth®. James Hardie offers these styles in hundreds of colors with Hardie’s baked-on ColorPlus® Technology, a finish that resists peeling, chipping, and cracking to preserve the beautiful, vibrant shade of your siding.

Outstanding durability

Hardie Board siding withstands the elements with ease. It keeps looking amazing and performing its job of protecting your home in spite of its direct contact with the elements 24/7. It withstands rain, hail, high winds, storms, snow, ice, harsh humidity, and temperature changes. It resists moisture penetration, saving homeowners the hassles involved in repairs due to rotting, swelling, or warping.

Resists pests

Hardie Board siding resists pests including termites and carpenter ants. It’s also woodpecker resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the hassles of repairing termite or woodpecker damage.

Highly customizable

The multiple styles of Hardie Board siding give you plenty of options from which to choose. Match your home’s architectural style and your personal preferences with your choice of Hardie Board siding styles. Create the look you love with the perfect color selection of James Hardie siding.

Fire resistant

Fiber cement siding won’t contribute to a fire because it isn’t combustible. Other siding products like wood will actually fuel a fire. But Hardie Board siding gives you and your family the added protection to give you peace of mind about your safety in case of a fire.

Unmatched warranty

James Hardie fiber cement siding gives homeowners a 30-year non-prorated warranty that is transferable. Other siding companies may decrease their warranty coverage on their siding products as the years after installation increase, but not the James Hardie company. And that’s a significant perk for homeowners. Additionally, James Hardie’s ColorPlus Technologyis warrantied against peeling, chipping, and cracking for 15 years—including labor and materials.

Steel Siding.jpeg


Excellent Fire Rating 

Safety is a significant concern for commercial buildings, and using less flammable materials is one way to create a safer building. Steel siding has an exceptional fire rating (Class A), which means that it’s fundamentally more fire-resistant than flammable materials like wood and vinyl, which can go up in flames pretty fast. Class A siding materials, like steel siding, can better protect life and property by reducing the spread of flames.


Rain, snow, hail, and wind can all do terrible damage to buildings that aren’t prepped with weather-resistant siding. The sheer strength alone of steel siding keeps it from loosening or detaching from heavy wind gusts. Water damage is another thing to worry about, especially when the commercial building is outfitted with real wood siding. Moisture buildup can cause wood to warp and rot over time, which can make the exterior of the building look shabby. In addition, water damage weakens wood considerably, which can compromise the structural integrity of the building exterior. Steel does not rust or absorb water, which means that water damage is never an issue with metal siding.

Enhanced Durability

In addition to being weather-resistant, metal siding is simply a more durable material than vinyl, asphalt, wood, and other siding options. Durability is important for accidental impact and everyday incidents that cause wear and tear. Siding is the outermost layer of protection for buildings, so investing in more durable resources, like steel siding, can help protect the rest of the structure more successfully.

Color Consistency

Steel siding is an excellent choice, because it maintains its color flawlessly. Other materials, like vinyl and painted wood, commonly fade and chip with prolonged sun exposure, resulting in a patchy appearance. Plus, real wood can often be difficult to match precisely because of natural inconsistencies. Metal lap siding offers the ability to create identical storefronts that match precisely in color and don’t fade over time.


Another excellent advantage of steel siding is that it is essentially maintenance-free. Unlike wood, and other materials, metal siding doesn’t require routine attention to maintain its peak condition and appearance. Plus, because steel siding is low-maintenance, property owners can expect to spend less money on repairs that would otherwise be necessary with less durable siding.

Long-Term Investment

After a cost versus value comparison, there’s no doubt that steel lap siding is a solid investment for any building project. Because of its incredible longevity, durability, and essentially maintenance-free upkeep, steel siding delivers a reliable performance and upholds immense value through the years. 

Siding Repairs.jpeg

Siding Repair​s

It isn’t always necessary to replace an entire wall of siding in order to fix a specific problem. Sometimes siding repairs are done to fix warped or soft siding, broken, faded or detereorated pieces of siding, or a variety of other problems. Our team brings professionalism and expertise when evaluating your siding to determine if a siding repair is right for you.


Siding Replacement

In the event your siding is too damaged for small repairs and needs a replacement, Firebird Exteriors has got you covered. We’ll help you throughout the entire process to get the best siding look and color selection before the work is done so you will be completely happy. 

Fascia Repair.jpeg

Soffit & Fascia Replacement

Animals love wood siding, and if your soffits are not installed correctly, then you will have squirrels, cats, and mice all over your attic. 

Along with soffits, fascia is also another very important structure to have on your gables and overhangs. Without fascia your roof will be vulnerable to leaks. A strong and sturdy fascia is also important in keeping your gutters held tightly.

During a heavy storm, you want your home to be protected, so why not call the siding repair experts and fix your siding damage once and for all!

Window Capping.webp

Window, Doors & Fascia Capping & Trim

Capping provides significant returns for your home. Primarily, you will benefit from:

  • Low or no maintenance for years to come

  • Protection from elements that wear and rot wood

  • Isolating trim from insects such as termites and beetles

  • Resistance from frost and freezing

  • Excellent appearance for a continuous “just-painted” look

  • One-time cost with long-term money savings

  • Convenience from continual time savings

  • Variety of material and color choices

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