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About Us

We build customers for life! Not just projects.

At Firebird Exteriors, we believe that a company should operate with transparency and integrity. Our core values define what we stand for and what's important to us. They unite our workforce and set the stage for our culture. We live by these core values each and every day - this is what you can expect from Firebird Exteriors, nothing less.

Meet the Team


Luis Iraheta-Ortega


Meet Luis, he has been in the home remodeling industry since an early age, his father worked in Construction and Luis would help out whenever he could, this inspired Luis of starting a business of his own. With over 10 years of Customer Service, Recruiting, Human Resources and Hiring experience and over 7 years of Subcontracting Roofing, Siding and Gutter project experience, Luis will ensure every project is handled with the highest level of attention. 

When time permits it, Luis enjoys traveling, working out and spending as much time possible with family and friends.


Charlie Anaya


Charlie is a young family man who has dedicated many years to the construction industry, Charlie started by physically doing the work himself and later became a Storm Restoration Specialist. Charlie soon realized that meeting the homeowners spectations does not just require doing the work but fulfilling all the questions and needs a homeowner might have . During his free time Charlie enjoys camping trips, Kayaking with his family and enjoying all nature has to offer. 

Rudy Anaya

Storm Restoration Specialist

Rudy is an enthusiastic person who loves being out in nature, go on hikes and being active. Rudy just finished High School, has showed hundreds of exterior storm damage inspections, and is ready to show homeowners what he has learned with honorable help. Rudy’s top intention is to meet the clients needs and wants.

Alejandro Cortes

Storm Restoration Specialist

Alfredo Lopez

Storm Restoration Specialist

Eliseo Hernandez

Storm Restoration Specialist

Company Values

Doing right is always the right thing to do. If it costs us more, takes more time, or is inconvenient - none of that matters when our integrity is at stake. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong, and its up to us to always act with integrity both internally and externally.


We believe that professionalism is a key mindset for delivering on our promises. we will always conduct our-selves with dignity and show respect to everyone we meet as part of our work. This includes our customers, our fellow team members, vendors, and the wider community - there are no exceptions. 


Firebird Exteriors values continuous improvement never accepting "that's how we have done it in the past". We are constantly looking for improvements in technology, customer service, and construction.


We always strive to deliver excellent products and customer service to our clients. We build and maintain a culture of self-accountability at Firebird Exteriors. Every team member is accountable to every other team member, but most of all to our customers. Finger- pointing, excuse making, and sloppy work are NEVER acceptable.



We believe an outstanding customer service experience begins with responding to customers within 24 hours, our Construction and Service Teams' availability to customers 24/7, and responding to all requests, texts, calls, and emails within the 24 Hour Rule.




Firebird Exteriors Safety Policy is Our #1 Commitment, our goal is to ensure that every day every employee returns from work to their family and loved ones safely and unharmed. Together we all share the responsibility for ourselves and for our coworkers to have a safe working environment.



Remember: What you do affects others and the work you don't do, someone else must. We believe in the power of teamwork. When a team works well together as a unit, they accomplish more than individual member can do alone.



Our success has been a result of us working together as a team and our reputation for doing the right thing: being honest, open, and reliable, even when no one was looking. This is how we’ve built and maintained our reputation for top-quality work and customer service. Keeping promises helps build trust, integrity, respect, reliability, and self-worth.

6346 Xerxes Ave S

Edina, MN 55423




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6346 Xerxes Ave S

Edina, MN 55423

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